ITNow – 59.5 Second Interview

The following interview with me was originally published in the BCS ITNow Magazine, March 2008 issue (Volume 50, Issue 2), which was on the topic of Security Strategy:

Gareth Niblett is the chairman of the BCS’s Information Security Specialist Group (ISSG).

Who are the BCS-ISSG?

The Information Security Specialist Group (ISSG) is part of the BCS and is open to anyone interested in information security.

What is the aim of the group?

The basic objectives of the BCS-ISSG are to involve our membership and the public by raising awareness of the risks to information systems and by identifying technical and non-technical methods for attaining acceptable levels of security.

The BCS-ISSG also seeks to influence the development of commercially available IT security products and services, and the development of the legislation and standards required to achieve and sustain acceptable levels of security. We work to improve awareness of ethical issues arising from computer misuse and support research into the management of computer risk.

How can people join the group?

Only BCS members are able to join the ISSG, as with other specialist groups, but they will benefit from free membership.

What sort of things does the group do?

We run an annual calendar of events which starts with our AGM in May, then a one day seminar in July, this year to be our 2nd Annual Privacy Day, then our Annual Legal Day in January and finally our annual conference in March.

We contribute to the BCS security magazine, Information Security NOW (ISNOW), and provide printed copies to our members. Also, since 1994, we annually award a David Lindsay Memorial Prize to the student from the Royal Holloway College who, in the opinion of the ISSG, submits the best dissertation on an information security related topic.

When was the group started and how did it come about?

The BCS-ISSG arose in 1983, from recognition that IT colleagues and the public were not well supported on practical information security issues. Individual members often make substantial contributions to other BCS groups, branches and committees, and to a wide range of educational and legislative activities across the world. Our growing membership is drawn from all sectors of the community and we welcome all who wish to share our objectives.

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