About the Site & Author

This site is an archive of some of the articles, presentations, quotes, commentary and thoughts emanating from the author. It is not strictly a blog, nor is it intended as a window into my personal life, but it may be of interest to beings out in the ether.

So what is an INFOSEC Maven? Well, it is just another way of saying information security expert – something I’m occasionally accused of.

Who am I? That’s where it gets a little philosophical; but if you really care, my name’s on the site and you can always check out my Bio, LinkedIn profile, or follow my Tweets at:




Also, I am Chairman of the British Computer Society’s Information Security Specialist Group (BCS ISSG), which has over 4,500 members and a Group on LinkedIn; write for the BCS ITNow (ITNow) magazine; organise and speak at security and privacy related events; provide security, privacy and compliance related consultancy services through my company Blackarts Limited and as a founding director of the British Business Federation Authority (BBFA), which is working to enable federated trust across regulated UK companies and industries; am a member of a number of information security related groups including the BCS Security Community of Expertise (BCS SCoE), EURIM e-Crime Working Group, Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP), ISACA, and (ISC)².

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